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Frequently Asked Questions

iGrouple brings social media and direct marketing together in order to provide all of our users with a platform in which they can grow their business while interactively engaging with their subscribers.
Yes, when signing up before activating your account you should see options to make your group public, private or hidden. These settings can also be changed later at anytime.
Since iGrouple is a group site intended for people to create and follow groups exclusively for subscriber's / followers we've decided not to have a general wall. Instead we've incorporated a default wall as a part of everyone's group in order to allow users to completely engage within the group experience that iGrouple was intended for.
iGrouple affords you the opportunity to maintain a group of followers that enjoy your content. Once you've built up a sizeable audience you will likely want to sell directly to subscriber's via updates and notifications. iGrouple's minimum requirement is 10,000 subscribers in order to obtain a store account.
All account holders make 70% when using our partner platform to sell digital content.
All account holders make 88% when using our partner platform to sell physical items.
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